What is Habitat?

Layer 2 Governance Launchpad

The idea is bottom-up instead of top-down, we envision full decentralisation for your project - from genesis to eternity!

Within the last years, the Ethereum ecosystem matured to be the playground for new kinds of diverse & disruptive collaboration structures. DAO’s & DeFi are essential building blocks for further innovation & adoption.

Bootstrapping community, coordination of workforce and early stage funding are important steps in the beginning of every start-up or project. We can deploy and use customisable Smart Contracts to gather, allocate & manage resources.

Different to Bitcoin, Smart Contracts include a more complex financial logic to the blockchain. Ethereum is more of a pure software system where the code enforces the state of that contract, and no third party relying on a pen and paper legal contract.

We believe it is crucial to provide fertile ground for those new initiatives through the best governance mechanisms possible. We want to kickstart crews, organisations & individuals that are obsessively working on disruptive & progressive concepts.

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🌱 About Deora.Earth

We are explorers and builders for the future of collaboration.

We take the opportunity to testbed innovation that is truly driven by societal needs and puts people before profit. Utilising new technologies, people witness a new paradigm of organisations.

Responsive, Creative, Resilient

New concepts are needed to change the way we do things in the world. We believe in a sustainable economy not driven by profit but by purpose. We take optimism over denial and despair, iterating to enable global coordination.

The Future of Organisations

The movement for decentralised organisation is already here and we are part of it. We’d love to meet new fellow pioneers to exchange ideas, concepts and potential partnerships. Together we co-develop new ways to coordinate and organise. From small scale to any scale.

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